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New Member Roof Rack Query

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Good afternoon everybody , I`ve just obtained a 2004 IS200 SE to replace my C200 Merc , & I`m well pleaseed .

So if I may be permitted to ask a question so soon after joing here goes .

The hand book does not refer to the fitting of roof racks.I know Thule offer such an item for my model . Any comments / experiences would be most appreciated .



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I bought a set of roof rails from my car a couple of years ago.there genuine lexus ones, can't remember the manufacturer tho.they're designed for the roof of the is, when fitted they're level between the two rails.I've got the earlier type with square shaped bars which are a but most at speed, but I think the later type are more aerodynamicly shaped.have a look on ebay, they pop up quite often.


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When I bought my 2007 is200d in 2009 - it had had a roof rack on - the way that I know this is that it had ripped off parts of the inner door seal on both my back doors when it got taken off by the previous owner, so be careful!!!

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