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Hi Chaps Gs450H Owner And Past Gs430 - Wheels

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Hi Guys

in 2005 I had a 2005 GS430 which was a a great car for a year, now I find myself in a GS450h due to the fact I needed a normal 4 door car at reasonable cost - it was £15k from Lexus with warranty - bargain as its a SE-L with Radar and moonroof. Lexus Chester have made it like a new car - its great

But underwheeled the 18`s look titchy in the GS arches so tell me

1, Bigger wheels ruin the ride ?

2, Bigger wheels are not available ?

3, Only Kahn make bigger wheels :shutit:

4, No problem there is a set on ebay ?

Its velvet black with black leather and a leather wheel (hated the one in the 430 sort of black resin and leather) with iPod cable kit and from monday Lex mudflaps

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If you want to stick with Lexus I think the LS alloys fit on the GS, which gives you the option of 3 different styles in 19" (there's even one that looks very similar in design to the standard wheels on the GS450h but in 19" if you want to keep things looking standard). There's also a set of 19" TTE wheels which I'm not sure if still available but worth checking.

Other than that there is obviously a huge selection of aftermarket alloy wheels out there so look around and see what you can find!

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As Parthiban said, there are also many similar style aftermarket alloys which will save you some decent cash over OEM.

As long as you stick to appropriate size and spec'd tyres you'll be ok.

I was also after an SE-L 450H till I saw how small the boot is! :tsktsk: what a turn off, just about enough for a set of golf clubs and thats it.

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