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Ls400 Cd/radio/tape Error

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I have a MK3 ls400 with the inbuilt cd/tape/radio. It has the multichanger above the glovebox inside the car. I have 2 or 3 problems that I would appreciate any help with.

1) The display shows the cd number selected but will not display the song number or produce any sound for a CD. Instead it shows the error code "err 21". Does anybody know why this might be the case please?

2) The system works for both the tape player and the radio, although there is some interference with the radio like a supressor is faulty. (Can hear things like engie acclerating on radio etc.). It had another ariel fitted before I purchased it, could that be the problem or just a bad connection somewhere?

3) No sound at all from the front speakers. Could this be the amp or some dodgy wiring? The grey connector at the back of the audio unit in the front dash looks dodgy. All the wires in this connector have been cut and rejoined, like a new connector has been added. Could all these problems be caused by faulty connections or just a coincidence. Would it be possible to cut into the rear speakers and connect the front speakers, in effect removing the fade option if that makes sense. Would this be done at the amp under the drivers seat?

I don't know if any of these questions make sense but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


Many thanks.

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