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Overheating Issues Suspect Head Gasket


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I seem to have a similar problem to the one other topic on head gasket but some differences (

I have 051 lexus is200 with 130k miles, all pretty well looked after and serviced. It always seemd to need about .25-.5 litres of coolant / water every 2 weeks but It first overheated in Feb on way back from scotland and after 1/2 half hour cooling and re-filling all radiator and resevoir drove back from Carlise to Reading no problems. Before/whilst overheating the orange engine warning light comes on and the traction control orange light flashes on and off.

It then ran mainly ok but from April occasionally had bit of steam out front and would need about 1 to 2 litres of water a week since about April.Then last week on m4 it overheated fully again and I got towed home by AA. He did the chemical blue bottle over radiator test and it came up completley ok and he said not the head gasket., but could not see any leaks/bad pipoes etc and tested it with little electronic device that shone infa red onto pipes ?..

we thoguht it may have been the radiator cap as this had no spring on it or seal etc so i got one of then overheated within a couple of days and then to drive 40 miles i had to stop at 3 garages and fill up litres of water..each time just to get home.

Now lexus garage on sat said it must be the head gasket and that the test the aa did 'dosent work with lexus's' they also said its not worth changing head gasket as its alloy engine so should either ditch it or get whole new engine put in...the radiator coooling fans where not running on it but they said they would have failed 'due to the heat' and not worth fixing them as its too late

This seems mad, as car runs fine and i drove it up to supermarket and back (3 miles ) yesterday and it runs fine..SOOOOO thanks for any help, could it be head gasket ? do i need new engine ? should i get heater coooling fans fixed and see if that solves/helps ? could they make the difference tho as car overheats now even at 50 miles an hour on cool morning in 6th gear so surely that would be enough cooling?

Finally yup the car has made all the gurgling noises in the past etc as well..any hwelp ppreciated as seems mad to write it off , put new engine in?

fianl other points is the new radiator cap i got is also 2nd hand/bit old.. and the car has been serviced by garage up to 115k miles and since then still serviced

Finally any one know of any good garages / mechanics in reading / berkshire who could be3 worth taking it too?

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