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Mpg Surprise


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have now had a couple of weeks to get used to the posh Toyota and I have to say the SC430 is a fabulous car.

I bought the car on spec for a very reasonable price on ebay thinking if its as bad as its 'reputation ' I can simply sell it on without losing the proverbial arm and a leg.It just goes to show how wrong the popular image

of a car can be.

To my surprise the computer is showing 23.6 average mpg which I thought was quite good,this is mixed mileage I have not been on any long runs yet.

Just curious to know what other people are getting in terms of mpg.

Also,just read the post on the mpg improvement that someone got from fitting magnets on the induction system.

I can't help thinking this has got to be the automative equivalent of a cure for baldness but................

its worth a try if they are cheap.

Anyone know where you can buy these 'magnets' or get inf on them?

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My MPG started out around 23mpg when I got the car 3000 miles ago, its crept up to 24.1 now

I'm hoping it will get higher with my super-economy motorway driving - but I'll post back when it hits 25

My old Jag S-Type (only a V6 though) could 39.9 mpg on those long runs, but would retain an overall average of about 31 to 33

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that is very interesting tel999,is your engine the same 4.3 V8 (you will have to forgive my ignorance of these cars and their engines ).

One of the things at the back of my mind was that if the car proved a hit ( and it is )I would look into a LPG conversion.

What system have you got ?

Somewhere else on this forum is a post that says the LPG conversion on their car has not workrd as the LPG consumption equates to the equivalent of about about 18mpg ,and their LPG fitter can't find out what is wrong.

The figures you are quoting make it look well worth considering.

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It is a BRC sequential system with a 75 Litre tank in the boot ( Boot??? ) As you can imagine this takes up whatever room that was left in the boot with the top down I don't mind as I don't really use the boot, I remember a comment in a Motoring mag that said if you have a drop top the only storage you will require is for a toothbrush and a condom!

The tank will take about 63 litres when empty. I calculate it does about 21 MPG on LPG and I buy it at 72P per litre.

It is back to Evans Halshaw, Cardiff on Tuesday for a little warranty work. The aftermarket wheels and tyres are impossible to balance, Grinding noise from the N/S/rear and The LPG regulator requires replacing. I will let you know how we get on.

Other than that and the colour ( Jewish Racing Green ) I love the car.

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just sat down with the abbacus and charcoal pencil and I recon about 41 to 43 MPG.........God, I love that LPG

hi do u have lpg in your sc430 if so who fitted it plz ,what type . model etc as my local said cannot be done . cheers paul

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