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Gearbox Oil Cooler


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Situation is this I own an IS200 AUTOMATIC! 2002 plate.

About 3 weeks ago we got the chance of a cheap small caravan 780kg unladen, maximum capacity laden 1000kg. I know nothing about caravans absolutely nothing but did a little research and found my IS200 Auto has a maximum tow capacity of 1200kg so every thing is good. At this point I phone around for a tow bar, many of the independents wont touch Lexus but that said I found a company, local to me, who fit tow-bars to Lexus. They even manufacture and design their own tow bars. For over £300 they fit me a tow bar with no mention of a Gearbox oil cooler but when I had my car in at the dealership today a chance remark had me asking "what is a gearbox oil cooler?" and "do I need one fitted?"

A check by the service manager says according to Lexus yes I should at £420 and two and half hours fitting. Suddenly my tow bar is over twice the price of my caravan. With horror stories of "If" it goes its £2K to have a failed Auto box re-conned I am now turning to the real world for help and advice

Do you Tow a caravan with your IS200?

Do you Have a Gearbox Oil Cooler Fitted?

If not have you ever had problems, what do you two and how often and How far?

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I used to tow a 2 tonne caravan with a 1983 Jaguar xj6 4.2 litre. (Auto). Never had a transmission oil cooler and managed to average over 60mph on motorways.*

If you did lots of Alps with a big van ? Yes.

Occasional trips with a small van? No.

* and 15mpg....

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Get an aftermarket trans cooler, hook it up in series to the factory cooler. A DIY job that should cost less than £70 for parts.

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