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Hello everybody,

This is my story.

The other day I had a senior moment and spent all me savings and next weeks pension on a 98 Gs300 se.

I know its a superb car cos it got lots of attention when I drove it home.

In fact after a few miles I had a trail of motorists flashing their lights and tooting their horns at me.

Part of the journey was on the motorway and I was able to double my speed to at least 45mph so I appreciate it can get thirsty if I'm not careful.

The little television said I was getting 31.1 mpg which made me realise I would have to do summat or else I could only afford to use it to take me and her out monthly instead of weekly as I intended.

Now then. Not being a complete thicko I figured out a Toyo induction kit with a Volo active re-mapper would save me enough fuel so as to be able to take me and her to that picnic area on the A556 for a bit of doing the nasty at least twice a month which is probably enough what with my heart and blood pressure problem.

So now these are my questions.

1/ What economy can I expect with these things fitted?

2/ Can I fit the induction kit with my old whitworth spanners or do I need these new metriculated ones?

3/ What are the correct connections to make on this B!"£$% non standard Obd2 connection for my Volo re-mapper?

If it helps, the wires are:-




04 = White/Black



07 = White/Green






13 = Pink/Black

14 = White/Black


16 = Black

Now if your answers are a lot of help I imagine she would like to thank you personally but since I hid her teeth it might not feel like what your used to so dont feel obliged.

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