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Fog Light Trouble

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Thank you purvesh even for the little dig!!! did search for "fog light removal"

lol! I just find it useful.. :hehe: Only kidding bud, we're here to help where we can :winky:

On a serious note I hope yours aren't the earlier foglights, they all corrode solid with no way of removing the bulbs. I had to get two new fogs (they changed the design) because of this!

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purvesh, seems I have the earlier model. Mine is all corroded. Had a chip away at it and it's completely buggered. Guess my only option would be to buy some new ones :(

Afraid so buddy :crybaby: , just go for some updated ones (as they changed the design - they have twist covers), or if you find super cheap unaffected ones similar to yours pack the rears of the units with thick grease to stop the corrosion penetrating through again.

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Got the fog lights out after a lot pulling and pushing and then had a bit of trouble taken out the bulb as the holder practically fell apart!! but got the bulbs changed in the end so happy out

Thanks again Purvesh for bringing up the link and pointing me in the right direction.

This is a great site and i really appreciate people taking the time to offer up their advice and help

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Hi all,

I have just taken off my old corroded front fog lights off the IS 2000 2001 make and put sopme really cool Smoked out fog light on that work perfectly.

I used a spanner which was very hard so I would not do that again!! It was a 10 mm. I unscrewed the two bolts, which took bl**dy ages with my spanner (really need a ratchet set!!!) So, once they were off, I turned the igniton on, turned the wheel out wards, so that I could get to the wheel arch liner, I popped this off and could see the back of the fog lights with the wiring. I unclipped the wires, and pushed the fog lights out. Voila Then refitted the new smoked fog lights which I guarantee look amazing!

But be sure to wipe away any dirt or grime if you can, whilst the lights are off....(mainly for peace of mind!!)

Also if you really want to prevent any future condensation or even corrosion I guess you can get some black /translucent sealent and run this around the housing where it meets the glass....

I will talk to anyone about doing fitting new fog lights and housing and can give any advice on this....Thanks

Good luck, Kevin

ps heres the ebay lights I have...they are ACE!!

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