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Hello All,

I have disconnected the 12V Battery cables and connected them again but the car doesn't start even the ignition doesn't start , so just like there's no power , even though the Battery is full and the lights can be switched on ,this mean that Battery is connected but the ignition is not.

I checked the fuses and the cables but didn't find anything.

please help me

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On the older GS's like mine, if the Battery has been disconnected, you need to insert the key in the ignition and turn to the 'on' position (do not try to start) and leave it in the 'on' position for 5-10 minutes. After that time, turn off, remove key and then insert key and start as normal. All to do with learning the codes again I think. Worth a try.

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Hi, The hand book states…. after reconnecting the Battery the hybrid system may not start follow one or both of the following

1…after opening and closing the drivers door wait 10 seconds then attempt to start the car ( if this doesn’t work the first time repeat the procedure )

2…with the shift leaver in “p” and the power switch is off, open and close any door then attempt to start the car

if neither of these work then contact your local Lexus dealer

Hope this may help


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