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Air Con

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The smell is all the moisture which has built up in the condenser, its full of bacteria so you get a nasty smell. Either run the air con hot as much as you can to dry it out or get a air con cleaner which you spray into the vents which is supposed to kill the bacteria.

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as above but its the evaporator in the dash your looking for, the condenser is the cooler radiator in front of the engine radiator. check your pollen filter for decomposing leaves and bugs, this is the most common cause of smells in a/c systems, if its dirty go for a carbon fram odor eliminator replacement, these are what we fit

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As above, replace the cabin filter and buy yourself an aerosol AC cleaner for around a fiver,set the AC to fully cold open all the vents and let it off sat on the rear part of the transmission tunnel they lock down once you press the button on the can,shut all the doors and leave it until the contents have all gone,leave another 5 minutes to vent then open all doors to fully vent ( turn the AC off at this point).

Instuctions do vary so read before using.

Once done you should have no more odours and a fresh smelling interior.

I've used this make before

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after reading this i went to Halfords and brought a air con cleaning aerosol, its was £11.99 and is worth every penny and more. just turn engine on, set air con to max and then set the bomb off and leave. my air con and car smells great now. Very impressed

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