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Another Caliper Topic!


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Hi all,

I've been very much enjoying my Lexus ownership. Lovely smooth engine , fantastic gearbox. I thought she was perfect , but it was not to be!!

In the last few days I've had massive steering and brake judder , all down to one seased piston on the off side front Caliper. Nothing new I know!

Anyway, I've exercised and lubed the piston but I know it'll be back to haunt me before long.

So Im going to order up a new or re-engineered Caliper NOW so it'll be ready to go when the old one sticks again.

I've looked on line (and searched on this site) and the cheapest Caliper I could find was £150!!

Do any of you have tips on where to buy a reasonably priced Caliper either new or refurb'd??

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Just for info , I've sourced a Caliper that's been rebuilt , all new pistons and seals , with 2 year warranty , for £100.

I pay £160 but get the £60 back when I return the old caliper ... Does that sound like a reasonable price?

The cheapest I could get locally (here in Dublin) was €240 for the caliper ... Fugh dat!!

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oh the old is200 caliper lol

i have had three go so far. the last one the seals were about ready to go on, which caused the brake fluid to leak and the handbrake/warning light to come on. i was quoted, £90 for a refurbed caliper fitted, or, get ready for how stupid this is, £160 if the mechanic was to get a seal and piston kit from lexus and do it himself. Not a hard choice.

Almost seems like its worth uprating the brakes instead.

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