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Lambda Sensor


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Hi all, I've got a 52plate 300 Sportcross with the engine management light on, to it to my local and trusted garage, their expensive SnapOn code reader didn't even have Lexus in the menu,luckily they had a cheaper EBay version that did, which tells them " bank 1 sensor 2 " which they believe is cyls 1-3 after cat.They have so far tried 3 different aftermarket sensors, all of them wrong,and their suppliers tell them it can only be supplied by Lexus, surely not? They are unwilling to spend to much of their time chasing one of these sensors, so does anybody out there know A:- is this the correct interpritation of the code and B:- where can I get one of these sensors right now and for how much?



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Had same prob with my 300 wen bought it management light would come on intermittently. Then after a while wen engine was cold would be on till warmed up an turned on then of. Me dad put on diagnostic and said was lambada (sensor 3 pretty sure). Found really good read in car mag will find out which 1 as there doing up a is 200. It said that these sensors stick open wen old. On start up or wen cold. Was gona bye cheap 1 of e/bay. But me dad beet me to it an got one from Toyota. E/bay £60. Dealer £128 including vat. Had no probs since. Touch wood. But did read else were that not good idea to put after market parts as far as sensors an like we're conserned. Hope u get it sorted. Will find out car magazine with read up in an post on here cheers

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