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Aftermarket Alloy Rims For Lexus Rx400H

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My alloys have corroded quite a bit now and I think its time for an upgrade. I have an 05 RX400h and for some reason, corrosion on wheels is in abundance on this car. Warranty for wheels only lasts for 3 years as opposed to the body. I tried to get them to change the alloys for me in good faith as they have done for a couple of other guys on this forum, but they declined. Possibly because of a couple of services not done by Lexus GB.

In any case, I think the warranty for the alloys should be in line with the body. Perhaps I could start a vote on this and send results to Lexus GB, that's all we can do right? They make their own rules that hardly get any influence from end users.

Ok, back to the topic, now that I am left with ugly corroded wheels, I was looking at refurbishment, but decided against it as I could get better looking alloys brand new for the same amount of money. So I am looking for alternative modern aftermarket alloys that compliment the look of a dark grey RX400H.

Will post an image of the car here in the next post. Any ideas guys? My budget is around £500 as I want to do the tyres in the same go as well.


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One word of warning if you change the alloys tell the insurance co as it will be non standard

This was cited by quite a few insurance companies a while back wrt winter tyres

500 is pushing it given you want tyres as well i suspect

I was told by my dealer that due to problems lexis had extended the alloy wheel warranty but wasn't given more details than that

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Steve, thanks for the tip regarding insurance, will keep that in mind.

I meant to say that I would be willing to cough up £500 for just the wheels. I want to keep the cost of the wheels down so that I could afford new tyres as well. My budget is actually a grand.

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Why not have them profeesionally refurbished? Lepsons (no connection) have areally good reputation and work mainly for the trade. Their web-site

has full details of their process. Should cost you around £250.00 for four wheels and they will come put looking like new---cheaper and a lot less hassle than buying after marlet wheels.

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Hey Lydia

Thanks for the tip. I called lepsons up and got a quote for £360 for 5 wheels plus vat. It comes to around the £500 mark with the same wheels. I got a similar qoute from pristine tyres and wheels in Birmingham. Refurbishment was what I initially wanted to do, but I would still have the old wheels just coloured up to look new, whereas, for the same amount, I could have new wheels with a much modern look.


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That does seem expensive.

Marawise in Coventry charge £30 a wheel ( but only deal in rims without tyres) if you are near coventry, and can cope with taking all the tyres off, and having the car on stands for a week, i can reccomend these guys - have used them a lot.

Mikris in Stroud charge £40 a wheel, and can cope with tyres on the rims. But watch the quality of their work - has been patchy for me in the past - and get a phone quote before you go there - the price changed when they saw a nice shiny car pull ip last time.

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