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Gs300 Autobox Issue

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Hi, I am brand new to this forum and this is my first question. I have 2002 MY GS300 that has an issue with the autobox. The car has done 80k miles with full history, however when for example I drive up to / coast up to a speed bump then once over go to pull away from the other side the car appears to be in neutral before dropping into gear. Also if reverse slowly up a gradient the car appears to jolt or kind of 'snatch' at will not reverse smoothly...I'm after some help please because apart from this, it is a lovely car...

Thanks in advance

Rod B.

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Hello and welcome to the LOC.

Is the transmission fluid level correct and been checked using the correct proceedures?

How does the transmission fluid look? Is it a nice dark cheery red in colour,does it smell burnt? has it been flushed and/or replaced? has the transmission filter been replaced? have you had a fault code read done to see if there are any stored faullts for the transmission?

All these things need to be considered to eliminate the obvious causes before delving deeper into the transmission such as shift solenoids,torque convertor etc.

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Thank you for coming back to me, the fluid appears to be clean and 'nice' red, not brown and burnt and the level appears to be OK too. I don't know if the filter has ever been changed but the car had full Lexus service history up to 70k miles so I was assuming what needed to be done has been done. If gearbox faults codes are read from the OBD-II connector under the driver’s side fascia, there are no faults showing. I also kind of thought Lexus auto transmissions needed nothing apart from fluid changes for the first 100k miles?

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