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How To Change Your Steering Wheel

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Hi All

just upgraded my worn looking steering wheel for a new IS-F racing style one

And this is how it is done.

N.B. Please note, you should disconnect your Battery before commencing any work on your car and only do work on your car if you are competant to do so.

First of all remove the plastic covers that sheild the torex bolts and use a T 30 torex drive to remove one bolt on each side

Carefully remove the airbag by removing the black and orange wire and the black cable

Now use a 19mm socket to remove the centre steering wheel nut

remove the steering wheel (may need a little force to remove) disconnect the remaining cables and move the wheel to a work bench to allow you to remove the remote swtiches

Remove the audio and the phone/voice remote controls from the steering wheel, along with the crusie control and the rear sheilding by removing the screws using a philips screwdriver

Replace all the remote components in the same order they where removed

Replace the wheel back onto the car connecting all cables remembering to handle the airbag with care.

tighten the airbag securing bolts and replace the covers

Test all functions work on the car and then take the car for a test drive taking it slow at first making sure that all steering wheel functions work including cruise control. Finished results below

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