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What If I Dont Bypass The Amp


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Hi guys

Got a Pioneer DEH 5200SD on the way which is to be fitted into a 2000 IS200 SE. I know I can purchase the amp bypass cable to bypass the factory amp. But, what if I use the RCA pre-outs from the head unit and connect them to the factory amp? Is this a better or worse option?

I plan on keeping the factory speakers so what would be the best option? To bypass or not to bypass?


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Ok, cool. Thanks

So the standard bypass cable is ok then? Is the autoleads version any different/better to a random one off ebay?

Also, any links to the best fascia kit? I've searched before but a lot of links are old and I wonder if there are any newer kits out there these days.


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Found this cable...

and one of the tech guys at the site confirmed it connects from the headunit to the amp - if this is the case, surely this would give a better performance than bypassing the amp?

no it doesnt!!that connects to the connectors that go into the amp their for doing away with the amp.....

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Sod it, I've gone for that cable (CT51LX01). It looks the same to me as the one described to bypass the amp in other adverts and I reckon the guy at the company just read what he saw on the website. We'll see though.

Any tips on the best matching fascia to go with??

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