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Decoke - Worried!


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I have 56 plate IS220d with 66k on the clock. Had it almost since new and have never had any problems with it. Over the last 18 months it's been really down on power. Lexus have cleaned the ERG valve and the inlet manifold twice which initially solves the problem but it soon returns. They have now said it needs a decoke. The Lexus dealer is doing the work and it's being paid for by Lexus, so no grumbles there.

But, I understand they take the engine and the pistons out of the car, replace the pistons with modified ones and then put the engine back in. This absolutely terrifies me!! Am I just being an idiot? What are the consequences of not having the work done? I guess I'm just after reassurance that having this work done is the right thing to do!

Many thanks for your help.

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first off wrong section, this is for the 1st gen IS.

second, if you dont trust lexus to do this big of a job on your car then who would you have do it? i think you need to be more trusting of lexus considering they designed and built the car.

if you are still worried id suggest you repost this question in the 2nd gen forum and see if anyone there has actually had the work done.

PS welcome to the LoC.


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Your on the money there stix. Who else more experienced than the manufacturers. Mildcheese,leave it to the experts,lexus! If something else should happen after they have fixed it at least its under lexus guarantee and not some back street guy :shifty: :winky:

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