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Service Plan ... Reasonable Price?

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Ok have just been to my local Lexus garage.

They said the next service which is @ 20,000 would be £347.08

Air Conditioning service £81.60

Right here is the thing I have been offered a contract for 3 services I will average 3services per year.

I have to make 8 monthly payments of £115.00 which is a total of £920.11 for my three services.

For the 20,000 service If I sign up to the service plan I will get 10% off the 347.00 and the air conditioning service free!!!

Does this deal seem reasonable? Due to the high mileage I will be doing I thought I would be better off with a full Lexus service History for re-sale or trade in??

My company give me £80 a month to maintain my car so it wont cost me much more than what i get ... £10 a week,

Any comments


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I posted this on 18.6.11 re my past two services :-

I have a 2007 is220d and have had two services by Lexus Bolton - I dont do many miles so get it serviced every 12 months.

The first service was a 60,000 miles and an MOT (£54) and I had two tyres (Dunlop SO01 - £130 each) - total cost £600

The second an Intermediate (70,000 - although I had only done 6000 miles since the last service) and an MOT - Total cost £300

Each time - Lexus collected and returned my vehicle and gave me a Lexus for the day.

I cant fault them and recently they gave me free advice over the phone when my key fobs refused to work!!

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In addition - I will be looking for an RX400/450 soon - I think I will only be able to afford a high mileage one because they are still holding their value - I would choose one with full Lexus service stamps over one that didnt have them!! :unsure:

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To the OP.

I was made a similar 'offer' after my last service. They basically wanted £920 (IIRC) for my next three services, which I figured out would cost in the region of £850 if I just haggled a little each time I booked the car in. The scheme also effectively forced me to pay in advance (in monthly installments) for the services.

Personally, I'd expect a discount in return for agreeing to tie myself into a deal with one particular dealer.

As you can probably guess, I didn't take them up on the offer.

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Great thanks for your comments... I think I'll go with it, I plan on keeping my Lexus service history because it will have high mileage @ re sale time!!!

I get a free full valet and a courtesy car at each service. They took the car yesterday for two hrs and did aload of checks on it for free... I know this is all to sweeten me up for the deal but its good to have copies of all this for re sale!!! £300 seems to be the the going rate for a service?


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