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2008 Is220D Central Locking Problem

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Hi Lads,

I'm a big fan of the forum and decided to join at last because nowhere else on the internet seems to have had my problem and need help!

The central locking seems to not be working. It works every now and again only. The drivers door works perfectly, but the rest only seem to open when they like. I have the system set to open all doors when the drivers door opens but when I open the drivers door I can hear clicking in all the doors but they dont open. I realised tonight that if I hold my hand on the handle the hazard lights fly 6 times and the locks click 6 times and then nothing happens.

The electric switch on the drivers door for the locks doesnt work most of the time either; usually works the first time but then not.

If I try to open the passenger door its the same, usually works the first time but not after.

I end up having to reach around and open all the doors using the physical lock on each door.

Anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Or am I missing something really obvious??

I'd really appreciate any advice.

Thanks a million

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Could any one help I have the same problem on my is220d 2006 model. Front passenger and both rear doors won't unlock but locks with remote key, door handle and inside unlock switch.

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Hi there,

I just got an is220d from 2008 and only the driver door is opening regardless I tryed literally everything from the forum or lexus manual. I just watched the video above and and excited I was confident this it'll finally sort my problem but didn't. Standing outside saw on my central dash (after holding for @10seconds open&close buttons) ...the car with all doors open but when I tryed ..darn, still close! Maybe it works only to latest lexus as the one in video I believe its 2013 2014 ??

Anybody else?

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Anyone find a solution or have any advice on this? Mine seems to be more problematic in hotter weather if that makes sense? Any help with this would be much appreciated. I have tried changing the locking preferences as well as changing the key fob Battery. No luck. Cheers folks :)

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Hi All,


I had this issue last year lucky for me I had my car under the extended warranty so booked it in, they advised me there is a junction box on the drivers side A-pillar  which had gone faulty, this aparently there are two types of these juctions boxes so make sure they order the correct one for your car as my dealer ordered the wrong first time around and had to order the correct one, and the part comes from Japan so you got to wait roughly a month, if your lucky in can come in 2 weeks depends on customs i guess.


Hope this helps

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Had my car checked in Lexus garage and I've been told that the actual door actuators are gone and nedd to be replaced...on all 3 doors!? That seems to me a bit odd, to go all 3 actuators from all 3 doors and at the same time! Maybe what you said here makes more sense. However after using like this for the past 5 years now I kind of got used this way. I don' really want to fix this if that means to change all 3 door actuators. That' involving opening the door panels and may lead later in clanking and rattling later! Loads of plastic plugs( no screws ) 

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Hello there Gymsey,

I have same problems for years now and I was annoyed at the beginning by the fact that I need to stretch all over the car inside and open doors manually. After a while I got used and lately doesn't bother my anymore but I actually prefer that way as it is more safe!

I had my Lexus is220d 08 for service in Lexus garage a few months back and I asked about this door locking issue to look into it. Seems to be issues with the actuators doors locking that does not respond anymore hence the 5-6 times sound and flashing you hear and see every time you open the driver door. Same happen with is not a setting trick as I also believed so for long time. If it was setting option it will not do this clicking for 5-6 times!

It is definitely the door close actuators and could be at one or more doors! 

It is not big money to replace those actuators but my concern is that all do it panels needs to be opened and loads of plastic screws may get broken so solving one issue degenerate in others as you may fix door locking system but end up with door panels rattling while driving, after!! It'll be pity this to happen in such a quiet cabin environment that Lexus have 😋 

Like I said it doesn't bother me anymore for long time now. If needs to open more than one door( driver) I'll just long press key fob for opening and wait for all windows to slide down in order to open the required doors needed beside the driver door. 

Hope this will help. 




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