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2 Years, 30,000Miles, 3Rd Egr Valve.

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Yup, the EGR valve has gone again.

Was asbout 50 miles from home but luckily just pulled into a car park near a place of work before the dreaded dashboard lights - didnt go into limp this time like the last time on the M6 Toll - neat :tsktsk:

AA were quick (through my extended warranty) and they had me in a A6 TDi within two hours and my car was travelling back up the M6 on a low loader!

Lexus confirmed EGR valve again and I explained that this would be the 3rd one in just over two years and around 30,000 mile - 10,000 mile since the last one - so can I expect it to go again in another year!!

I was hoping they were going to find some extra related fixes - engine de-coke etc but they said not showing any other faults so basically a new valve and they also did a re gen of the CAT (which I dont recall them doing before).

I always run the car on shell / BP and put millers additive every once in a while, oh and a little bit of right foot cleaning as and when required but frustrated as hell with this!

Car is about 9,0000 after its 70K service and no oil lights - the safety inspection from Lexus showed Oil at medium level so I am guessing it aint an oil burner (piston rings, head gasket etc).

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