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I am looking at purchasing a 1998 LS400 but it only has 1 key currently and this is the main thing putting me off. What is the procedure for getting a 2nd key from Lexus and anyone got any idea on the costs?

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Sorry I can't be much help with your problem. When I bought my '95 MK111 it too had only one key. I went to my local locksmith and he cut me another one (a Toyota blank) for a fiver,which works fine in the doors and ignition,but doesn't fit the boot (not a problem to me). I would think that your's being a later model it probably has a transponder in it whereas mine didn't. Suggest you try this link from a Dublin company.

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You can buy blank Denso keys from Ebay for around a fiver, and have them cut by any reasonable security locksmith. (I would suggest avoiding the Cobblers type of key cutting service though).

If you buy a complete key, make sure it has a triangle detent in the "Unlock" section, a Dot in Lock and a white car/boot symbol in the third. The ones without the triangle are more common, but do not operate the LS400.

I did this myself, and discovered the triangle after 2 aborted attempts..... I then bought a 2nd hand key (with triangle) and transferred the inner Denso electronic pack to one of the earlier cut key fobs, and hey presto! A breaker may have an "old" key with triangle (You only need the innards).

Once you have this done, search here for "key programming" or "pedal dance".

Picture of Denso 12459

best wishes

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