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Hi i have just bought an is220d with 33000 miles it is first registered june 07 and has a full lexus service history.

My question is is there still any Lexus warranty on the car ?

After reading this website you would have to wonder if you made the right choice buying this car, but when i think back to when i bought my last car an 06 BMW 320d and read forums about the car i had the same worrys. Sure the Lexus mpg is less but i knew that before buying it, on a motorway drive of only 45 miles i a was getting about 43.5 mpg. As said before most people go on forums to complain . Hope i will not be back joining in .

ps I think this car is great and much better ride than the bmw .

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I have an 07 is220d and know I dont have any warranty on the car as its more than 3 years old (mine has 65,000 miles on the clock with full Lexus service history - having had two services done myself at Lexus Bolton who are excellent)

On this forum there are many entries from members about buying extended warranties from Lexus (i dont have one)

Have never has any trouble with my Lexus (fingers crossed) apart from not being able to get into it a few weeks ago when something happened with the electronic signals in the key fob!!

You will find many knowlegeble and informatavive posts on this forum and requests for help - not many complaints !!

I love my car and wouldnt swap it - thinking of the RX when I finally do fancy a change :hehe:

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I agree totally with you about the extended warranty , I bought one this year and it cost £750 , had a little niggle with the drivers door mirror ( works occassionally ) and the response I got was " well the cars four years old now we will go halves " I was not impressed and will not be using their warranty again, having said that I love the car and so far has been fault free and a joy to drive.

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Thanks for the replys sounds expensive for the extended warranty.

I've just got rid of my 220d at 120,000 miles. The car was 5 years old and for two years I paid the £700+ for the extended warranty and boy was I thankful I did. In year 4 something went wrong with a fuel sensor/pump. That got fixed under the extended warranty no questions asked but I saw the bill at £1900 ! Then only a month ago I noticed that the car had started to loose coolant. The diagnosis was a blown head gasket. Initially the warantee company refused to pay for the repair saying something along the lines of the gasket not being a mechanical part and as a result was not covered. Luckily I had Lexus Swindon on my side and eventually the warantee company agreed to pay the £6,000 bill. Yes, I didn't mistype that. £6,000 !!!

At the same time they wanted to replace my clutch, rear discs and pads and the car needed a full set of tyres so I thought it about time to chop her in for a shiney IS250C SE-L.

So please just be warned, a Lexus doesn't go wrong very often but when they do the repair bill is expensive. I will be buying an extended warantee when the time comes.

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Holy s*** the warranty was money well spent then.

Enda, It pays for piece of mind. I would definitely recommend it. £60ish a month. Well worth it, keep in mind it also gives you RAC cover for you and your partner.

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