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Repair Manual Is200/300 1998 -

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Did you have to download it all a page at a time or is there a sinlgle link to a large file?

I wouldn't bother. Something seems a bit dodgy about this. both previous posters have only 1 post! Could contain a virus

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I've used a program called WinHTtrack website copier.

Can't use it on the initial index, but if you look at the links where the files open, there's the follwing: (for new car features) (for all repair manuals) (for electrical wiring diagramme) (for body repair manual) (for service data sheet)

So if you use above links with a ftp or website copy program, you can download them all to your hd. Only thing missing is the index, but at least you have the pdf's.

It also looks like this is what's on the CD/DVD you can buy on ebay.

BTW, reason for only having 1 post above is that it was my first one as I only registered the day before. I got my Lexus IS200 yesterday and am very happy to have manual now.

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We've been posting links to that bahamutcars site on here for quite a while now.

There's a collapsible clickable menu down the left hand side of the page.

The main ones of interest that we've posted links to it for are headed 'Repair Manual' and 'Electrical Wiring Diagram'.

The link in the first post isn't quite right though so here's what it should be workshop manual

They're pdf's of the original Lexus workshop manuals which the dealers have.


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yep - you can download 1 rar file for the is200 Lexus workshop manual at - I didnt bother joining as after 45 seconds, non-members also get access :)

when downloaded double click the rar file and extract to a folder - this will have all the pdf's in one place ... use adobe menu of edit -> advanced search and click 'All PDF Documents in' and navigate to the folder in to which you expanded the rar file too ...

works a treat for me - eg, advanced search on folder for string 'door trim' (without quotes) and it came up with all the pdf's that contained the string of door trim :)

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