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Hello Im New

lilys dad

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hi All

so im a newbie

I dont own a lexus as yet but with a bit of luck and some verry hard work we should have a is200 as our new family car within the next few months.

let me give you a short background on myself.

so theres me the other half and our 3 year old.

i had a m3 3.2 evo (1998) before the little one came along. other half had a 306 td sport.

couldnt afford the m3 insurance with the other half on it and a 2 door not practical for small kids.

so sold it and the 306 and got a laguna dci sports touring and a 1.0 corsa for work.

laguna boke twice spent £1000 on it in bills so sold it and got a tdci mondeo that has been towed so many times it thinks its a boat now the fuel pump has had it so going to brake it for parts.

i want something reliable and sporty looking and if im total honest RWD, the other half wants 4 doors and a newer looking car but with saftey and above all reliabe (not conking out on the motorway with the little one in the car)

so we decided on a lexus is200 sport

i should have about £2000 - £2500 to spend.

is there a link on this forum that can tell me what i should be looking for, problems ect.

thank you in advance

lilys dad

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Hello and welcome to the LOC.

So you discovered the ownership delights of lesser brands! A move to a Lexus is a good move.

There is loads of information on the IS easily found by searching but to start you off as a new member have a look at the link below.

Remember there is plenty of choice out there so take your time deciding and you will find a nice one.

Also have a look in the cars for sale section of the forums, you will sometimes find member's cars for sale.

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