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After getting divorced and my ex winning custody of the 2.5 turbo SMAX I had to find a car to get me around and came upon a slightly battered GS300 with a full Lexus service history and owned by a Lord no less! all for the princely sum of £800, ok it sounds too good to be true right? Well ok it had done 132,000 miles but drove beautifully.

I must confess I get bored with cars quite easily and have owned everything from a Mercedes S500 to a Mini 850. Anyway after keeping the GS300 for 18 months I decided a change was needed and as arthritis has started to kick in (getting old) I started looking at RX300s there are a lot about! Anyway I settled on a black (said i would never buy a black car again didn't I?) 2002 model with 72k on the clock. It is a base model and I realy miss those heated seats and cruise control!

Still all in all its a lovely car to drive and climbing into rather than down into is almost a pleasure. if you drive a car thats nice to drive, who cares about mpg?

I have already started looking around for a higher spec RX but I have to say I have quite enjoyed going back to cloth seats again, not too cold in the winter and not too hot in the summer.

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