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From Holland

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Good evening,

As you see in the title I come from Holland.

Forgive me that I make spelling errors in this proposal topic.

Since 4 months I am the lucky owner of a Lexus IS200 (1999):



Last saturday I buy 4 OEM-wheels for the IS200. The wheels don't have curb damage, only paint damage.

Plan is to powdercoat them.

And to bring the Lexus back in the original state, I need the 3 originals emblems from the trunk:


Does somebody got this 3 emblems for sale? And is it possible to send this emblems to Holland?

I would appreciate this very much, because I can't find the emblems in Holland.

Thanks for your comment!

Yours sincerely,

Harwin van Lente

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Hallo en welkom op het LOC

Hopefully some one in the UK has the badges you need and will send them over to you.

Another way to get the badges could be eBay.

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Good evening,

Since I bought my IS200 the CD-player is broken.

That is the reason I maybe will buy a double din radio.

From different Lexus-forums I understood that I will need the next stuff:

- Double din radio (of course)

- Double din frame

- Parrot-cable from a Landcruiser (ISO): a cable like this(?):

After installation the double din radio should work with the OEM amplifier and hifi.

My question is: Am I right?

Yours sincerely,


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