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Stone Chips

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I have a nice collection of stone chips on the paintwork now, pretty much scattered across the front-end (bonnet, wings, front lip etc.). Most were there when I bought her, a couple have appeared since, but they had all been touched up so wasn't overly concerned.

Unfortunately, water has got underneath the paint of the biggest one and I now have a 10mm split in the paintwork on the bonnet.

I'm thinking a complete front-end re-spray might be required. The two other options would be to swap out the bonnet and get the remaining chips touched up by a Chips-Away type outfit or get the Chips-Away chaps to just touch up the whole lot.

Anyone here had to do this at all? Just wondering about the potential wallet damage. There's about 15-17 chips in total :ohmy:

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Chipsaway aren't that expensive, this was a few years ago but my brother had a section of a bumper (after a minor impact) repaired and the area repainted and it cost about £85.

But if your car is silver, then I believe it's a difficult colour to match, especially somewhere prominent like the bonnet. If more than just touch-ups are required it might be better going for a full respray of the bonnet.

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i have just used dr colour chip, must say am happy with the stuff, have spent 3 hours on my car and had stone chipe right down to the metal, will seal it up after i have finished so it lasts as most people that have used it say after 10 or more washes it needs fixing again as there was no sealing on it

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