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Engine Swap


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Hi All,

Been contemplating what to do after noticed car is blowing oil out the top breather on the rocker and dumps a load of oil out the exhaust when sat for a few days. on 147k miles which I didn't believe to be much for an IS200 nor did I expect these symptons for some time yet.

Anyway, I had been wondering, rather than spend money repairing, why not 'upgrade', but from what I can see, unless you spend thousands on complicated conversions there isn't really much you can do? Like would an IS300 lump go in easy enough and work with the manual box etc?

Am I missing something? I don't want to throw thousands at it but interested in making it a working project. I got £1000 to get me started but as this is needed weekly can't afford for it to be off the road for long periods of time, nor can I afford for the engine to give up on me.

And no, I don't to just sell it and get something else, I like my car and would rather personalise/ customise it. :)

Any advice appreciated


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a grand won't get you very far. You could replace the 1gfe engine for a much lower mileage one for that, but you'd have to fit it yourself. A 2JZ engine will cost you more than a grand, plus an R154 box on top of that will be another £300 - £500 or so, depending on which one it is.

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