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Hi From Belgium


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Hi I'm Werner from Belgium and have just bought a 01/2001 Lexus IS200 with 118k km on the clock. Bought it as a S model, but i'm not entirely sure whether it is. It only had one previous female owner so should be unmodified and a full service history.

Strange thing is though that it has 17" wheels, two-tone steering wheel, alloy pedals, alloy scuff plates, chrome exhaust tip, dark tinted rear windows and 8 speaker stereo (hard to find the extra 2, but apparently they reside in the 2 rear speakers :D )

All above are sport equipment, though it has cloth seats, no auto dim inside mirror, no boot spoiler (but could be as it is a early model)

So what model did i actually buy? It doesn't say anything on any papers, can't find whether it has a lsd or not. It does have a trc/snow button. (or do they all have it)

I'll upload a picture when I've figured out where to put it.

BTW, very pleased with the car, only thing that has to change quickly is a central armrest as it is a manual without it.


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I believe that the specs for the IS200 were different for different countries.

Stuff like the chrome tip, 2 tone steering wheel etc could have been added by the last owner of your car?

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Now, to make it a bit stranger, just checked the VIN plate and it says A02B, so this means it has a LSD fitted.

So I must have the only IS200 sport in the world without leather seats then.

The boot spoiler was introduced later, so that's explainable, but all the rest?

Anyway, i'm very pleased now as i bought it as being a standard and seems to be a sport afterall, maybe missing some things, but the most important (lsd) being fitted. :D

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