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Precautions To Start Your Soarer After Eight Months Stationary?


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My Soarer has been stationary since November 2010. Aside from the flat Battery, what precautions should I take before attempting to start the car or should I simply give it a go?

Thanks for your time.


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It will probably be OK, which engine is it?

Check the oil level before doing anything.


It may be an idea to turn the engine over by hand a few revolutions the same way the engine normally rotates to make sure nothing has seized using a rachet and socket on the crank pulley centre nut.

Once that checks out you could also disable the ignition to prevent the engine firing and spin it over a few times on the starter to recirculate the oil around the engine.

Finally you could also remove the plugs and give each cylinder a little Redex or similar just to provide a little protection to the cylinder bores on start up.

Obviously once it starts don't rev it excessively until it has warmed up fully particularly if it is a turbocharged version.

Finally before driving off check the brakes are working!

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