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Radiator Change How To?

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Ok, where shall I start...

been driving the other day, and noticed the engine was heating above normal, when stopped at trafic lights the steam came out from under the bonnet, but just for a wee while, I carried on, only noticed when car started to overheat (3/4 of the heater) so after inspection found out that radiator is leaking, gave it a wee while to cool down, topped the thing down and drove car home (with few 5l canisters of water inside)

Ordered new radiator of ebay, so should be here tomorrow, now...

I looked at it, two brackets on top, undo all the hoses (drain the coolant or whats left there)

is it pretty easy to separate aircon rad with the coolant rad? or it'll be fiddly and tricky job? I'm not scared of spanners and such, just dont want to damage anything there...

any tricky bits?

Might actually do a manual, if the weather would be decent and not pouring with rain in here...

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