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Brake And Idle Problems

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Hello to all.

My RX 350 SE-L (56 plate) has just returned from it's early 50k service at Twickers Lexus (miles away, but hey.....) with continuing idle and brake issue. Been told that rear calipers have seized and part-seized due to corrosion, two months after my local 'boys' did the brakes and checked them all over, including taking off calipers and painting them gloss black. Is this a normal problems or issue with RX'x, also brakes squeak during driving occasionally and stop when I brake.

When in Drive, engine speed during standstill is around the 500 rev mark. Seems very low to me. Is this normal or do I have a looming problem? Asked Twickers Lexus and they said everything was normal.

Thanks in advance,


p.s. quick update. Local garage had car on rolling road to test brakes, this morning. Nothing found. All ok. How then do Lexus Twickenham do this, get away with it etc etc??? Was it just a visual check, made up, or what?? Any ideas? (apart from a niggling very obvious answer in the back of my brain which I would rather ignore... but should I??)

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