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Is 200 Audio Problem

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Hi guys,

I am George from Greece and i own a Lexus IS 200 model 2000.

My problem is the whole audio system (attached file). It is broken and nothing is working neither the radio or the cd player and even the tape.

I was told by an expert that the problem is at the processor of the audio system and it is very hard to find it at the market.

Does anyone can help me find this kind of parts or even a used audio system from a trustworthy supplier?

Has anyone faced that problem?

Thank you in advance.




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Nothing is working? Does that mean you have no power to the unit? If so check your fuses, if they're ok check for loose connections behind the head unit, if they're ok check the connections at the amplifier behind the glove box. If all that's ok you're into more comprehensive fault finding.

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hey guys, just got an IS 200 with the same head unit as above, but the cd players went, tape deck and radio still work... but the cd player refuses to, all i can get is the error sign every time i ask it to play cd's doestint even eject or insert them... any ideas or whole new unit?

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