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Please Help Before The Lexus Ends Up In A Scrap Yard


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hi there, can anyone help me before i take my lexus to the scrap yard!!

driving down the road one day and my engine management light came on so i took it to the garage and they ran a diagnostic check on it and it came back that i needed an o2 sensor so me being a cheap skate got the to fit a brand new sensor that cost about £60.the light went of but then it came back on again after id driven about 10miles so took it back to the garage and long story short u have to have genuine lexus parts so ive forked out for a new part and recently had that fitted.that lasted about 40 miles and the lights come back on again so its been in the garage again today and theyve messed about with it and as soon as i went to drive away from the garage it came back on again.the car has been in and out the garage about 7 or 8 times in the space of 5 weeks and they havent got a clue wots wrong with it.i have used the garage for years with all my cars and they are very honest and have always been really good so its not the garage. i was wondering if any of you have experianced the problem before or know wot to do to fix it as im going back to the gargae on tuesday and i could suggest what ever you come up with to them.

to add insult to injury im trying to sell my car (£1500) as ive just today picked up my brand new car and i dont want to be meesing around with the lexus or spending hundreds of pounds on it

thanks for reading my rant


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Even if they had not changed any sensor they would have reset the ECU to remove the code and the light would have stayed off for a while so it could well be one of the others.

Doesn't your garage have live diagnotic equipment it should be fairly straightforward to plug in, drive and record the output pulses from all 3 sensors or connect a 'scope to check the sensor output waveform is correct in both frequency and amplitude.

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Hi Chaps

Im having recently same propblem gos is200 99 reg and been to garage 3 times this week engine manegment on and off sensors been changed and checked.

Im taking car from mechanic after 10 15 miles light is on but car runs fine, they have checked exhaust fumes and its fine, car runs good and got performance.

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did they change al the sensors? usually they over look the fact that there are 3 sensors instead of one....

ps you'll know it as you'll be paying for 3 new sensors at 60 a pop so you'd be looking at a min. cost of 180 pounds.

It can be the connectors of the sensors (corroded so need a clean up)

also it could be one of the cat's not doing it's job properly.... in that case the cheapest solution is to use catalyst re-activator it needs to be poured down the cat's and while driving it cleans out the clogged up pores of the cat. if that doesn't help the cheapest solution:

get an open exhaust collector this wil take care of the one in the original exhaust collector ( you'll still be able to put in the sensors ;) the bigger cat on the down pipe usually doesn't give any problems

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