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This Procedure Will Unlock Gs300 Radio If You Have Lost The 3 Digit Se

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Hi all

Had that age old problem of a locked radio after changing the Battery on my 97 Lexus GS300.

After months searching the internet I found the following procedure that will unlock your radio.

I now have a fully functioning radio again!!!

The audio has been locked up when displaying "SEC" or "HELP". In such condition, it only can be normally used after decoding. Decoding steps as follows, When displaying "SEC", change it to "HELP" state as follows:

1, Press top of button "TUNE" with button 1 depressed, "----" will be displayed, now input any 3digit code and press button "SCAN" 3 seconds, "ERR" will be displayed. Repeat 10 times until "HELP" displayed.

Once HELP is displayed complete the following procedure:

2, Press button 1,4,6 & the on/off button at one time, "SEC" re displays. Press top of button "TUNE" with button "1" depressed, and input the first 3digit code 891 when "----" displayed. After inputting first 3digit code, Press bottom of button "TUNE" with button "1" depressed, "----" re displays,as small black down arrow appears in the display, input the last 3digit code 440 and press "SCAN" for 3 seconds until "OK" displayed. Now can be normally operated on reset.

I was originally misreading the instructions. After entering the first 3 digit code immediately press the bottom of tune and button 1 and enter the 2nd 3 digit code and hey presto a working radio


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