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Having had 5 Lexus cars over a period of 15 years I was thinking that it was time for a change. As there is no replacement for the 460 (The 600H is just too expensive and behind the times on spec). I decided to have a look at the new Jaguar XJ. Arranged for a test drive this morning and arrived at the agreed time. Car was not ready so had a look round the showroom for 15 mins. Got in the car with the salesman who then announced that it needed petrol so we would have to call in at the garage across the road first. He obviously was not familiar with the car as whilst backing the car out all sorts of alarms where going off which he seemed unable to stop. Finally got some petrol and set off. 400yds down the road the car lost drive and ground to a halt making some very strange under car noises. Selecting neutral and then back into drive seemed to clear the problem but a few hundred yards further on it happened again. At this point the salesman decided that we had better get back to the garage before being stranded. This was a brand new car with only 5 miles on the clock!!!! He said he would call me later in the day when the car was fixed to rearrange the test drive. Having time to think about and recalling my previous experiences with a couple of XJ6's in the past I told him to forget it when be rang me.

I know now that I have been completely spoilt by driving a Lexus for so long. They just do not go wrong.So any suggestions folks the main criteria for me is that I love the comfort of a large car so would not consider down sizing.

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Lol we cant recomend you change to another marque !!!!

Most of us are aspiring to what you already have. Sit back ... Enjoy the silence.... The grass is rarley greener......


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