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Take bonnet off by undoing 2 bolts at the top of each corner by windscreen then lift bonnet off you will need a hand as trying to hold the bonnet and undo the bots may end badley, Reverse this to fit new one.

Take old grille out undo 3 clips at the top of grille Left, Centre and Right push the grille at the bottom towards the car to release slide clips there. Reverse this to fit new one.

Slam panel centre undo bolts above the headlamps that hold this section in also remove rad brackets and air scoop there are more towards the centre section and the T peice that holds the lock mech in place there is a bolt behind the lock which you will have to get a spanner in there undo this and pull lock forward a little the cables for the lock run under the slam panel so you have to push the clips out for this also. Reverse this to fit new one.

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When doing the center panel, if i take the bolts off that need to, will anything fall out like the aur scoop or radiator etc?

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