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Whats My Rx300 Worth?


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Unfortunately, soon I will be selling my RX300 as I now need a 7 seater and Lexus dont do any 7 seaters!!!

Just wanted to get an idea of how much you guys think I should advertise it for? Below are the details:

Lexus Silver RX300 2001 (Y Reg) 3.0 Automatic LPG Converted with Full service history (part Lexus part non-Lexus)

Mileage: 103,000

MOT: 11 months

Black Heated and electric Leather Seats

Reverse parking sensors

Factory fitted Sat Nav

It has one of the best Landi LPG systems, Ive been told they are one of the most expensive

Car was serviced a few months ago that included cambelt change + new spark plugs and full service

The LPG system was also fully serviced at the same time

The car is in good condition inside and out with no mechanical issues at all.

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anyone? even if you can provide a range?

check Autotrader, Ebay etc (look at completed listings on ebay) that'll give you an idea of what they go for these days

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