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Front Skirt (Aero Kit)


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Hi All,

Got a few things raised I want to sort now that I have got time.

So I was wondering if anyone has got any experience with the aero front skirt removing/replacing at all!?

Need to get it sprayed to fix a scratch and the body shop which is quite geniune has advised me to do some research as the front skirt could be specially glued on the bumper by lexus which could be an issue for some to take it off and put it back one plus that grey rubber which is along the front skirt.

Would be very much appreciated for any help!

Thanks in adavnce!!


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for the life of me i dont know why theyd want you to remove it for painting??just mask the bumper up....i damaged my back bumper when i spun my car and hit a barrier the chips away boy repaired it it took him 2 hours max and that was it finished and dry bumper stayed on the car so unless its really really serious id recomend the chip repair boys....he is the only one id trust due to the standart of his work you cant even tell its been done!!!

the damage


bri hard at work repairing the damage


bri wet sanding the repair




all finished and you wouldnt even know!!!


and the best part a repai like that is only around £70

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