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2000 Gs300: Manual Shifting A A650E


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Hi there.

I'm a proud owner of a 2000 GS300 with the A650E transmission and no e-shift. I'm a little confused because I've read some articles/ reviews considering this transmission as a manumatic (manual gate shifting capabilities) via console shift lever, but other reviewers don´t consider or recomend manual shifting this transmission. I'm confused. Should or should I not gate shift manually my car with the console shifter? Original press releases make me believe that the gated ou zigzag pattern was designed for manual shifting and the only diference between the e-shift versions and non e-shift version is the electronic curcuit switch on the steering wheel and internaly inside the console.

Will I hurt this transmission if I gate shift it manually? I do have access to all L(1)234 and D (override 5 gear) much gears only for engine breaking?

Thanks for your attention!


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I have always used auto boxes to provide engine braking. My Series 1 GS300 didn't suffer in the 6 years/60+k miles and my GS430 hasn't suffered either in my 3+ years of ownership, in fact the owners manual tells you the maximum speeds at which you can downshift to utilise engine braking.

You will find that some members of this club seem to decry manual downshifting but if done properly in accordance with the handbook then you will not harm your transmission.

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