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Am sure Im not the first person to ask this, but after much time and frustration with the search engine I cannot find the answer to whether or not I will be able to change the oil filter without a special tool. when i bought the filter from lexus yesterday they showed me it and said i will not be able to change it myself and tech told me that without it it he coiuldnt imagine how it could be removed. So i have the oil and filter and am off today , just want to know what the answer is before I start as there seems little point in changing the oil and not the filter. tx

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that is true, it is nearly impossible to remove it.

so I bought this from e-bay UK and it works: Toyota Yaris/RAV4 - Oil Filter wrench Size: 64mm x14mm

sellers name is allthingsvolvo

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I bought 2 different wrenches before actually looking at the filter myself. No standard wrench will fit.

My local Toyota dealer had a explicit tool for this but was costing around £38 to purchase.

Instead, I bought a 3 leg filter wrench. Larger Halfords stores, and many local auto parts store do these. They simply grip to the filter, and tighten (teeth on legs) with force when twisting.

It is a very tight gap to spin the legs around the filter as there is a lot of interference but it comes of easily. Be sure to drain the oil, and when you are happy to remove the filter, loosen it and let it drip. Otherwise youll have a heap of mess in your hands.

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if you mean this


than I have to say my mechanic has destroyed it putting down my filter.

Therefore I cannot reccomend nothing else than that what I wrote above

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