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Calliper Paint

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I have just been reading an excellent post by SteJ in the Workshop forum about painting callipers. He used Hammerite Smooth, finished off with a coat of clear lacquer.

Hammerite is chemically slightly unusual (doesn't work well with some primers and lacquers). There are various other paints on the market for this job - from cans in Halfords labelled "Calliper paint", to high-temp stuff on eBay and from suppliers like Frosts. I suppose even POR-15 would do.

Callipers are quite exposed - to corrosive brake-pad dust, to salt from winter roads, to high temperatures, etc. Which paint is best for the job?

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Just thought I'd update and add to this thread which I started a few months ago. I have not painted my callipers yet (too busy refurbing a set of wheels). But the callipers are on my "to-do" list.

Browsing one of the other LOC forums I came across a thread which discussed using high-temp paint on callipers. Most people thought this was unnecessary. But what I remember was a comment from someone who wasn't happy with Hammerite because it flaked off (maybe bad preparation?). The interesting alternative suggested was Japlac gloss enamel specialist paint (from a well-known DIY store whose name consists of two letters joined by an "&").

I think I might try that....

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