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Check Vsc And Warning Lights Are On!

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Hi, I was driving the car normally, then the turbo seemed not to work, no power, and suddenly the warning lights came on. The engine didn't shut down, but the revs came up very slow and not smooth at all! The revs went up and down very rough. Also, when I turned off the engine, it stopped very rough. And stared it again, and didn fire up immediately, seemed like there was no fuel. Felt like only 3 or 2 pistons where firing.... Anyone experienced this? I need help because I am from Malta and have no lexus dealer! To want to check a few thing before taking it to a mechanic.

The car is 2007 IS 220d


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Hello Sergio,

I have the same year car.

Three weeks ago I had similar problem, no power, warning lights on, it seemed with a piston off, etc.

I run the engine between 2000-3000 rpm ( just the engine, not the car ) "pumping" on the throttle for about 10 minutes.

After that I have driven normally and after one day the VSC light switched off.

I have connected then an OBD2 tester and it visualized the diagnostic code P0093: Fuel System Large Leak Detected.

I think to the following possible malfunctions:

- low or high pressure fuel pumps

- pressure regulation valve mounted on the high pressure pump

- discharge valve mounted on the common rail

- one injector temporary opened

Probably the malfunction of these devices should set other code errors but I didn't have it.

Fortunately the problem solved itself without any intervention.

I hope the same for you!



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Hi, Today I bought a OBD reader, and the error P0400 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Malfunction came up. Do you think I need to change the egr valve or just a clean up?

Thanks guys

It may be worth reading the following link

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