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Just bought a mk4 with lpg....with issues.

Got a headlamp levelling fault indicator. Done the garage door monitoring bit. Headlamps start level, go into super dip mode, return back to level and then the 'headlamp levelling' fault indicates on the dash. Fine for driving without a load but I wouldn't want to blind folks when I've got the boot loaded.

Done a bit of research on the forum. Looks like there is a rear mechanical height sensor drivers side and a front mechanical height sensor drivers side and some electronic bits...not got a manual yet. Your initial thoughts would be appreciated as to where to start before I take things to bits needlessly.

Then there's the frozen rear brake caliper...rusting rear wing.....then the Stefanelli lpg service....then the MOT in 2 months and so on, but I just love the car.


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The first thing I'd look at is possibly one of the sensors in the actual head light unit is malfunctioning (i.e , it doesn't know when it has reached top).

the height sensors don't usually give errors , they just crumble.

easy to check as they are measuarable. (ohms change as you move the arm)

the headlights do have their own computer (according to my service history anyway - as had one changed in warranty).

It's a shame there is no specific (available) diag software available for the LS400.

brake calipers are excedingly easy to work on on the LS , probly just filled with junk & rust.

might as well clean both sides and change pads while you are there.

and check disk of seized side , for warping/heat damage.

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