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Thinking About Returning :)

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Hi All,

sold my is200 a year and a half ago, and got myself a Civic (shouldn't have done it!) and I'm thining about rejoining the fold and getting an is250 :D.

Seen one on a 57 plate at my local dealer which I might check out this weekend.

Couple of questions, can anyone tell me the width including wing mirrors? This is very important as it may no fit in my garage! My is200 was tight with some wiggle room.

Secondly anything I should be looking out for? I know buying from main dealer should bring a degree of safety, but forewarned and all that :)



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Width is quoted as 1800 mm or 5'11" excluding the mirrors. Like you I can't seem to find any stats that include the mirrors, but although large at nearly 6" the mirrors are not sited at the widest point of the car (the wheel arches) and I don't THINK they add anything to overall width when folded, which can be done at the touch of a button. When open they probably add about 3" either side, but precise measuring is very hard.

I had a manual IS200 sport which I loved, but the IS250 is best as an auto. Having used it for two years I would never willingly go back to a manual now and hardly ever even need to use the paddle shift option (although I use that all the time on my wife's smart car). Activate the green 'power' light and the gearbox is much quicker to change down when needed but seems to cost no more in fuel if driven sensibly. Fuel consuption overall is significantly better than for the IS200 and I have even managed 40.5 mpg (carefully measured actual consumption - and 42 according to the readout) on a long journey at motorway speeds. But 36 mpg is more typical and more like 24 trundling around town in heavy traffic.

No reliability issues in my experience although the surveys suggest it is not quite as bombproof as the old IS200. I have had two rattle problems with my 2nd hand cars(one a feak rattle caused by a faulty rear screen)and squeaky front brakes on one - but all fixed. Survived a head on smash with a spinning wreck from a crash ahead of me. Lexus was a write off but nobody in in it was hurt at all - the other car bounced off us and spun 20 yards up the road. No tyre wear issues (unlike 200)and it is faster and quieter with super front seats and lovely soft semi-analine leather. Do get the 250 SEL mm if you can. More toys than you can use and some great features like auto dim mirrors, parking sensors front and rear and HID dipped beams. MM gives you the reversing camera, sat nav upgraded audio and Bluetooth. People go on about the 'brilliant hi-fi', but I would say only that it is good for a car set up and good on some kinds of music but not all. It does go pretty loud though

Ater I lost the first SEL I had a GS hybrid on hire and test drove another - very nice but could only afford high milers so stayed with the IS250. A BMW 320i auto coupe seemed a big step down after the luxury of the GS (toys, what toys? Leather what leather? etc) but the IS250 SEL didn't. In some ways it was even better than the GS. A lovely car. Get one by all means.

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Thanks for the reply's guys :)

I had an 09 plate IS250 when my IS200 was being serviced, man I loved the smooth ride

It would deffo be petrol, I dont do high mileage anyway,

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took an 07 IS250 for a TD yesterday, don't care if it doesnt fit in the garage :hehe: , reserved it hopefully pick it up next week B)

Just an FYI for width including wing mirrors, according to Which! magazine it is 1.99M inc the mirrors, hadn't got round to cancelling the subscription and the car survey one popped through the door the other day.

Oh and also got 3 years servicing for free!!!


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