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Boiling Water Noise

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Hello All

Just noticed a few days ago,when I start the car and whenever I accelerate, I hear a boiling water noise coming from behind the dashboard.

I would like to hear from anyone who may had a similar experience in the past before I take it to the mechanics.


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youll find your radiator is low...theirs two places for coolant on the 200 the radiator and the coolant bottle the noise you hear is the coolant rushing through the heater matrix

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Thanks for your replies guys!

I have opened the yellow cap and I could see a red liquid so I assumed that it was full.

I was also looking for an indication somewhere of the coolant level, but couldn't see it.

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Stick you head in the engine bay on the drivers side and look at the back of the radiator, there is a small bottle just in front of it (Looking from the engine bay out if that makes sense!) and it will have a sight guide on it to tell you how much coolant you have, if you see no red then top it up. Check the clips on the expansion tank hose, there could be a slight drip around there.

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Sorry for the late reply (almost one year after!).

Well, after checking the coolant level, I realised that I was running without any coolant at all.

After topping up, I've noticed that coolant levels would drop every other week and I kept topping up, until the day when the car overheated!

Diagnosis: New radiator and the problem solved.

Now i'm dealing with a oil leak, suspected rock cover gasket, fingers crossed its not anything more serious.

Cheers guys for your help!

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