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Car Servicing


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I have a 2007 is220d - I always have it serviced at Lexus Bolton - although I only do about 7000 mile a year, I have it serviced every 12 months.

Its not cheap - £600 for 60,000 mile service (but included 2 tyres and an MOT), £300 for 70,000 service (although I had only done 65,000 miles but its 12 months were up)

I would rather have the dealer stamps in the service booklet for when I change the vehicle as I would look for the same when looking for a new vehicle

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i know how you feel about the stamps... nice to see in the book.

What would you think if you was buying a used car with aftermarket stamps? Would you still buy the car?

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My car is kind of old now, and probably only worth in the region of £2k. So I look to do most routine servicing and repairs myself. There are things I don't do, such as anything to do with suspension, timing belts, major work, but I'm a reasonably competent amateur mechanic and I don't mind getting my hands dirty, so I'll do the simple stuff if I can. This is stuff like routine servicing, fluid/filter changes, brakes, thermostats, etc.

I keep all receipts and mark the service book myself, so that the history is maintained. But I don't see the value of paying for someone else to do work I can do just as easily for a car such as mine.

Of course if my car were newer and more valuable, I would probably still use dealers or specialist independent garages (as I do with my BMW). The local BMW dealer is actually very reasonable on service costs, so I don't mind going there to maintain the dealer service history on that car.

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