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[Is 200] Cruise Control Stalk Switch

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as far as i know only automatics got it.

how to change the stalk? i imagine it would be a couple of screws to remove the cowling and then im not sure without the car infront of me.

tbh if you cant work it out just by looking id leave it to a professional.

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I think the manual didn't get it because for the cruise control to work the car needs to be able to change gear itself?

So would probably be impossible to fit on a manual, otherwise Lexus would of offered it as an option I'd have thought?

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my manual has cruise control ;)

its an aftermarket kit that a previous owner fitted. i just get the car up to the speed i want, in the gear i want and then press the button and it stays at that speed until i brake or dip the clutch. i can speed up and if i release the acellerator pedal the speed drops back down to what i pressed the button at.

if it helps the stalk in my car has EuroCruise II printed on it.

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