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Temperamental Oil Warning Light

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A bit of a frustrating problem.......

On a few occasions I have had the low engine oil warning message pop up on my 220d Sport when driving for a period of time (95% of my driving is motorway between 70-75mph). It only appears for a few seconds before disappearing and does not stay on. The first time it happened I pulled in at the next services, checked the oil level and to my surprise it all looked ok.

It still happens on occasion though but I have noticed that the message only seems to come on if I am on a sweeping left hand bend and the steering wheel is turned slightly to the left. As soon as I nudge the steering wheel back to the right the message goes away, even if I only move the wheel to the right a fraction.

Has anybody else come across this or had anything similar? My first guess is a loose connection but where is the oil level sensor?

Thanks in advance.

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220d not have gage of level of oil, there is a gage of pressure of oil. Try to move a wire of the gage of pressure of oil


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