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Hello Everyone, Happy Christmas!

Has anyone who's got a pearl white car noticed any sort of discolouration on the bonnet? (or anywhere really..?)

Mine has a subtle (although against the white is quite distinct) yellowish patch, about a foot long/4 or 5 inches wide, just off centre going from the end of the bonnet up towards the windscreen. I thought it was being caused from the way the artificial lights in my garage were hitting it as I park in the exact same spot each day, but other people have noticed it in broad daylight out and about.

It looks almost like it could have been heat that's caused it, but I doubt very much it's that...

Maybe it's just my eyes, although as I've said other people have noticed it too.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi I forgot I posted this...was just going through the threads an noticed it.

It's been discovered that the discoulouration was from a badly done respray, presumably because of stone chips.

The Lexus dealership were very good and are covering the cost to get it sorted.

Great service (Have been dealing with Mike at Nottingham)

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Glad you got this sorted. Mike is great. I purchased my car from him last September and noticed that there were some water marks on my wheels that couldn't be removed. Mike, together with Lexus Bristol (whose service department are also first class) got them sorted straight away. Send Mike my regards when you next see him. Francis

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